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Travel + Tourism


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Check out our website dedicated to Travel and Tourism

The Teaching Resources section contains teaching resources for :
. IGCSE Cambridge

. BTEC L3 Travel and Tourism courses

The teaching and learning resources are high quality notes with lots of activities in addition to exam style questions make these the go-to resources.

These well laid notes make these a firm favourite with students of all abilities.

Demand for quality accessible tourism notes has been high and it is an area we are concentrating on over the next few months, to complete all the units.

Feedback is always welcome as we strive to bring you the highest quality teaching resources.

Recommended websites featuring travel and tourism organisations offering relevant statistics, like UNWTO and ONS through to natural and man-made attractions,

YouTube clips
A variety of recommendations of travel and tourism videos, from tourist board promotions, vlogs to documentaries on the impact of tourism.

Lots more Youtube clips and websites can be found at:

Free posters
Lots of Travel + Tourism themed posters for classroom.
More being added each monthly

Fun activities
What's not to love about engaging fun activities.
We have created tried and tested activities.

Our Bingo cards are a firm favourite. Ten different cards in each set to minimise the chances of multiple winners. Ideal for pair work. Topics include destinations, attractions, transport, airports, plus key words for different units.

Catchphrases - dingbats - are great fun. A range of catchphrases cover all the topics from destinations to visitor attractions.

A range of logo quizzes - all travel and tourism themed - are firm favourite amongst students.

Our new addition are proving to be frustratingly fun - lots of jigsaw puzzling in degrees of difficultly.

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GCSE History site with timelines

Dedicated Travel + Tourism site

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